I was greeted by this friendly dog.

This is the house we were looking for.

Click for a larger panorama.

There was a bigger dog tied up here too.

Setting up a tarp.

And preparing the food.

Someone gave the big dog a big piece of odaeng.

Repeated on a smaller scale.

Construction continues.

Click for a full panorama.

The roof was very rustic.

That patch job was not so old.

Sound check starts.

This is the owner of the place.

Directions to the washroom and the tents where campers could stay.

That...is the washroom.


After you use it, you're supposed to pour ash over it.

I came back to see sound check still going on.

This is the start of the show.

As the Sun set, the back wall of the house was illuminated and I hurried back to get a few pictures.

The owner and his son are on the right.

Lots of phones.

These are the owner's two sons.


Running out of frame.

I met this guy, who introduced himself to me as the Lion King. Apparently he's a poet, meditator, and percussion musician with a big interest in African folk music.

Now the Sun is setting and we're getting some blue hour.

This is the only picture I'm allowed to share from Kim Jong-un's set though.

And this.

Our host gets up to speak between acts.

Around now I took my seat and started photographing things around me.

This was a very long exposure I'm happy with.

More music.

And wood.

Show's over.

This is the little library in the one house that's exposed to the open air.

The other side of the same structure.

And of course there's a bonfire.

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