This election has been like a political party game of musical chairs. A bunch of conservatives left Saenuri and started Bareun, so Saenuri became LKP. And then another smaller party became Saenuri?

Not all of Park Sa Mo have died of natural causes, but their tent village is looking very underpopulated.

Traffic is slowing down.

The parade starts.

I joked that the one on the right was Park Geun-hye.

Just a mass of people.

Stop, start.

I don't recall seeing this before: a brigade of people on lantern-outfitted rascals.

This dragon ended up eating that person in front.

Yes, Tayo has a different message from last year.

It was too small to see in person, but yes, it looks like these are little Koreas.

Buster didn't tell me he was participating.

I joked that these were all people who showed up for an ordinary templestay who were given lanterns and told to march.

It can't be easy for anyone to read this entire thing, especially on street level.

I had to get a picture because I thought those two were either Russian nesting dolls or larvae.

From the roof.

Self-frying chicken.

Now here are the dragons.

More chickens.

The alt-right order.

Kind of bad timing for this to be the year of the rooster considering the massive bird flu epidemic we just had. Maybe it's time for them to get busy repopulating?

We think this was a new one: a representation of Buddha standing on a lotus pond.

Good name.

And here come the peacocks.

The parade was pursued by a bunch of cars, which were all the taxis available in the downtown core to take people home for the rest of the night.

Naturally we walked.

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