Blankets with the shadows of still-standing buildings on the other side.

Details of roof tiles.

This whole area was mostly demolished.

I fed a stray cat. He was eager for food and attacked it, but in his vigour he flipped the can over and, not knowing what to do, started licking the other side.

This turtle duck wasn't hungry.

Here we come!

In the distance I saw people walking through this wasteland.

That seems to be the main headquarters for this project, though it wasn't active or stopping people from passing through.

Those buildings in the left corner are abandoned.

They did a pretty half-assed job of putting out materials to prevent dust from kicking up.

Whoops, ignore the poor cropping here.

A baby is sleeping so please knock.

One of the larger remaining buildings.

I stepped closer over this mess.


I was mainly interested in these three.

A Bible passage apparently.

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