On the way south, I saw new construction cranes up at Parc1. Construction was apparently supposed to restart as long ago as mid-2015 when I worked nearby.

Driving around, I found new signs of abandonment in an area where there were none on my last visit.

Last time I went up to the same roof and took similar pictures to this. Now there are weird structures made on some roofs out of bars and striped blankets.

Driving through the abandoned neighbourhood, I found the road intersected with an active market.

A busier part of the market.

A woman walks past a blanket wall with protest graffiti sprayed on it.

This sign mainly complains about the money offered evictees.

Same building.

This alley leads to the market entrance.

I walked through.

It seems there's high traffic because this is the most straightforward route between the nearest subway station and the highrises further uphill.

Back out front again.

Passing by Parc1 again.

It just takes years to get our act together.


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