Bamgol Village

I entered from a point uphill from the construction shacks, which are to the right from this photo. The two brick buildings on the upper left are still partly inhabited.

Further up ahead are two more recently abandoned houses.

This house is just at the edge of the area. I came in on the road to its left.

And this house is still inhabited.

Workers were covering the landscape with blue tarps to prevent the wind from kicking up dust.

The Korean writing indicates they've accepted deals to relocate.

The nail house again.

Click for a full panorama.

A closer look at one of the remaining houses.

And the still inhabited one.

The path up there is...pretty tough.

The more modern neighbourhood up top has been the last area to face full demolition.

This church was open this weekend.

Click for a full panorama.

Click for a full panorama.

There were two people moving around below me. I also noted the tree still growing in the middle of the ruins. Behind it, you can see a three-storey building still inhabited.

Here's a better view of one of the remaining nail houses.

A friendly construction worker.

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