Baeksa Village

Coming out of a tunnel, I was confronted with this view.

Butt goats grow out of what I am pretty sure is an abandoned house. Also, those corrugated materials in the yard are probably all asbestos.

A vitamin sauna.

Higher up the hill, I stopped to smell the flowers and the tire.

I had spotted several things to photograph on my way up, and now I would roll down and photograph them all.

Such as this incomplete mural.

This very scenic store.

I wanted to photograph this SUV parked with the moon village in the background.

I also wanted to visit a family of dogs living partway up.

Then I left and went up one of the other roads. I remember seeing this house with murals on my last visit.

A two-image panorama of this mural.

This looks like the basis of some kind of lullaby.

And this is just freaky.

A church covered with tape.

And a mural of a house covered with tape. The art is most likely wheatpasted rather than drawn on.

An abandoned house, which I didn't enter because there are still residents around.

Stacks of charcoal briquettes.

The way down.

Another store.

Here's a map of the region. I like to divide it into three lobes, with the middle one having those two parallel roads.

This is probably the most scenic part.

Cars are parked up here on the ridge.

The view shows houses and one person gardening.

A car coming down forces a woman to move to the side of the road.

Portable toilets set up.

Coming down, past this long building.

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