Abandoned Wedding Hall

The reason I took this picture was because I was vying to jump the wall behind it.

Not a tall wall, and this was what was on the other side.

But there was an old woman sitting nearby so I was not clear to go. Instead, I went around to the front of the building and took this picture looking over the fence. Not sure which March 20 it closed on, but it appears to be a sports apparel store occupying a wedding hall.

Around the side, I found a side entrance that was locked up.

So I jumped another wall and crawled through a bunch of stuff. Right after I jumped the wall, a bunch of people entered the parking lot and set themselves to moving the cars in there around, essentially blocking me in for the foreseeable future.

The way back was making me impatient, but the old woman within view of this property had gone away, so the way forward over all this junk seemed the best option.

I slipped through the front door and went up a floor, to find this.

This is the best I could do without a tripod and with only a flashlight. Let's call it a dramatic angle and pretend I intended this.

The ceiling on this floor was decorated as such.

And this place had this nice blind.

Here you can see a very interesting feature. This platform suspended from the ceiling meets up with this other platform.

Oh yeah, there's me.

So anyway, that suspended platform follows a track in the ceiling.

It looks like it delivers the bride and groom from a sort of recessed point, over the heads of the diners, to that platform. It must have made for many dramatic entrances.

The head table.

Up a floor, here's an okay view through dirty glass.

And the top floor I visited had a buffet.

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