Flagrant Story

I looked down the stairs of this place, only to find on the other side was another narrower staircase going out the other side. A fisheye would've been helpful here.

The yellow blankets cut off about half of the whole area.

From higher up, I could see over the blankets. Not that much left, really.

Looking inside an abandoned apartment. Interesting to see the wall is made of bricks.

A sleeping elephant.

Here's a picture from a ceremony for an elderly couple who look like they're having a ball. Without knowing more I'd assume this is a 60-year birthday celebration, or hwangap, with the table setting known as gobaesang.

An interesting tearaway calendar.

These words mean exactly what was intended.

Lots of photo albums abandoned here, out in the open where they're exposed to rain.

Some fairly young-looking people.

And this especially seems to be a flagrant story.

Brick once again.

I was surprised to see this stairway landing that had totally folded in. I wonder what force prompted that, whether anyone was standing on it at the time.

Inside the room of a kid who liked dinosaurs.

The former resident of this room documented his daily life. He slept from 10 to maybe 7:30, which is pretty good for these days. Then it looks like he met up with a Korean gisaeng for wheatever reason before going to school.

Grazing dinosaur.

The stairs in this house were knocked out, leaving this flimsy-looking ramp thing underneath.

I'll stay down here.

The buildings here were all pretty well the same, but with different skins.

This one is basically identical to the last one, minus some design flourishes.

Looks like they used to hire redheaded girls to wash cars here. I can get behind that.

Another building, identical but different.

This is on the active road that runs through the middle.

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