Butt Goats in Banpo

As I drove by, I saw this excavator loading onto this truck. It was oddly erotic.


Why can't I touch it?

The oldish apartments down here are aesthetically pleasing to me.

These, not so much.

I stopped and climbed on top of a fence when I passed this.

Further up the road, I had to stop again.

This street was entirely covered by butt goats.

Seen from an apartment building a couple storeys up.

Let's see where this goes.

I was unable to get on the roof, only as high as the top of the exterior stairs.

Over in the other direction, oh look it's the abandoned apartment complex I was looking for.

On the way down the stairs, I scared some birds away. They left their eggs behind.

This lonely playground got none of the visitors the other parts of this complex got. Partly probably because of that high construction wall on the right.

Butt goats caress the construction wall.

I went to a building next door for a better view. The roof wasn't that good but the structure itself was interesting.

Looking over the fence into the remodeling lot.

This is what I'm on.

In a remote corner was this lonely picnic bench.

Looks like a Muppet of some kind.

One exposure.


A look into the lot.

Then on my way home I saw a bunch of food trucks. I was planning to stop for food so I decided to do it here.

Turns out there were lines for everything.

Turns out I stumbled into a dokkaebi market.

I escaped before they took me back to their underground kingdom.

Buster protected me from all the dokkaebis.

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