Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Here are some building fronts that were open not too long ago.

Now from across the street, standing on a subway vent or something.

After dark, the door was locked.

I found a pretty gaudy noraebang somewhere else in the complex.

Looking from above, the building I'm hoping to get into is the lower left in this netted off complex, the one with the reddish-roofed house on top.

Active stuff, likely to stay alive.

This is in a phone bang or whatever they called it. I believe it is for jacking it during a phone conversation.

Those heating elements have a sensual model.

This floor was unmarked.

Maybe where the kissing room girls take you if you tip nicely.

These blankets in the middle of the corridor were damp, causing a very unpleasant sensation when walking over them you don't want to experience in a place like this.

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