The Abandoned US Embassy

The protest isn't against the US Embassy, so I only had to sidestep to get past. The flag is at full mast and the thing is surrounded by riot police, but no one's home.

A couple foreigners wandered past, and I heard one of them say "See that prison-looking building?"

From the other side, conscripts try not to make eye contact.

Whoops, these buses aren't quite bumper to bumper...

As I entered, I almost tripped over this damn thing. Good thing the Americans never had an embssy fire.

Ah, the traditional American hot dog stand.

I slipped in through the back.

There were holes in the back of the building you can't see from the street.

Looks like they didn't remove all their Christmas decorations before leaving.

Thanks for the welcome, Mr Snowman.

I found one office where it looked like they were still in the midst of packing up.

Yeah, they have the best equipment here.

The next office was more thoroughly vacated.

You can tell how old this building really is by the signs.

The washroom, not so nice.

I kept going, looking for the lobby.

I think this may have originally been the lobby. Did not step into that.

A little easier to move this way.

Ugh, they really let some rooms deteriorate.

A little nicer here.

Nice wallpaper. When's the last time they renovated, the 1980s?

Even worse, the wiring.

Imagine if this was your office.

Even the US Embassy skips the fourth floor.

Now I see why I couldn't use the elevator.

Someone left their cellphone.

This room looked a little more comfortable.

Nice stereo.

Huh, a call room. What would this have been used for?

The national sport of America.

I headed higher.

Didn't want to stay on the roof very long, in case someone sees me.

I took another way down.

Down to the bottom level, and I'm out.

Back out in the crowd, I spot a US soldier walking past.

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