Club Steel Face

Here are the Patients playing on their home turf.

This was the best I could do when Sumin jumped into the crowd.

Next: the Erections.

Next, Rux.

I like the face he's making, but he might not.

Here's a more normal one.

I'm pretty sure I figured out this guy's secret identity.

Am I reading that right? Wish I got a clearer shot.

Last was Hat Trickers.

A quick gory picture of me with Bajowoo.

Then their lead singer came out.

Much better view than last time.

Their sign fell down.

Beer time.

No more hunch.

Who brings a book to a mosh pit? Zoomed in, it said Clint Eastwood on it. Biography?

After, I got Bajowoo to pose with them.

I prefer no flash, but just in case.

Then Myunghwan wanted pictures.

There was a barbecue up on the roof.

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