I entered from the top of the hill, looking down on everything.

This banner was still in the middle of the area.

I kind of doubt this means these people moved out so late. Maybe last November.

Those pigeons were making a lot of noise.

The houses here were very nice.

Drawing on the wall.

This kid put up a lot of drawings.

I think I used to draw pictures like this when I was young, sort of creating a battle on paper.

That...could be what this is.

This, I have no idea.

One of the upstairs rooms had all this skateboarder stuff.

And the third bedroom had anime stuff. Was this just three kids living here?

There was also this dollhouse outside.

I ran into two cats.

This cat seemed brave at first. It seemed someone still lived in that house.

Here's a panorama of that last shot.

I kept seeing this and thinking it was that ancient historic figure I think connected with Confucianism. Possibly Guan Yu.

This seems to be a legal notice identifying the name of the redevelopment project.

I went back to the cats to see that only one was eating my cat food.

From higher up.

Here's a completely different abandoned neighbourhood I found, very nearby, and mostly fenced off by that metal fence. The best way in was across the street from a busy repair shop so this would wait for another day.

The fence had a picture of a lost dog.

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