Pirate Ship

We wandered past a variety of scarecrows, some more accurate than others.

A little better.

Too real.

Thar she blows.

Pretty empty out here.

So much construction on the horizon.

Something about this caught my eye.

The cranes are making an anarchy symbol!

Due to the workers in front, we approached stealthily. Ahoy mateys!

Some of the graffiti looks new compared to my previous visit last fall.

By the power of Greyskull...

So apparently this was a skateboard ramp somehow added by local kids.

A related company.

Ryan climbs the stairs.

On the second floor.

A bear doing the splits.

Fire-damaged glasses.

Back down on the main floor.

I salute you, heroic excavator executioner.

Looking out over the farmland.

And the highrises in the distance.

Kat wanted to climb up to that crowsnest but realised she couldn't safely go past this part due to the ropes falling away.

A washroom with a view.


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