Ryan finally found the woman of his dreams in Jeonju Hanok Village. Good on him for needing two hands, and good on her for needing more than one finger.

Here's Anjee's piece, "Meta." She took a polaroid in an abandoned tape factory, and brought it back and posed it for a digital photo, which she then exhibited in the same abandoned tape factory. So I went there and took a picture of the picture hanging on the wall, which Michael photographed me photographing.

The other building over there was more untouched, though the asbestos roof tiles were worrying.

Kanghee shows off some of his ninja skills.

Yawning or roaring, I forget.

Kat poses for us in the mess.

As does Kanghee.

Over the course of the day, one of the participating artists painted all this.

We went outside and found other people on the roof up there.

My crew.

Is it abandoned if you use it?

We went to one of the Jeonju makgeolli places that was highly recommended. It was a half-hour wait to get in.

But Ryan's facial expressions made it all worth it.

Wandering around in Jeonju.

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