I went back for a quick look at the nicer houses at the base of Bamgol Village.

I wanted a quick look at the tiles there. Not what I was asked to find though.

How about this, a hospital building that:
a) shares the same name with a conservative political party, and
b) shares space with a McDonald's.

Okay, this is the neighbourhood that Doug and Gabe were harassed by a worker in.

People are still moving out of here.

Lots of blankets. I was interested to get a good look at blankets here.

This is the new Noryangjin Fish Market. The building is new and brightly lit, and I felt walking around that it was more slippery than the other place.

That's a lot of monitors.

The workers here didn't strike me on the surface as unscrupulous scabs, I have to say.

"The garage. Hey fellas, the garage. Well ooh la-di-da Mr Frenchman."
"Well whaddayou call it?"
"A car box."

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