Bamgol Village

When we arrived, the Hanok section was beind destroyed. The workers were setting aside the beams, probably for reuse or recycling.

A surprising find.

Active demo.

We climbed further uphill to get away from the workers.

September 2013.

And November 2016.

A very cramped room.

This star simply says the name of the area. I can't understand its purpose any better.

Jesus was here.

As I watched, the excavator crushed half of the red-roofed house within a couple minutes.

It would simply place its shovel on the roof and press down.

The others follow after me.

We found pictures of this exact same neighbourhood taken under a blanket of snow.

And pictures of palaces.

This building had been vacated only days earlier.

A closer look at the gate tiles. Click here to see it in 3D.

That building had been converted into a guard shack.

Another photographer not with us.

Previous visit, there was a building in front of this so I couldn't take the picture from this angle.

I hadn't edited pictures from my earlier visit yet so I was struggling to remember what I'd already shot.

Looking over the other side of the ridge.


This cat seemed to still live with an owner here.

Margarita crosses over a dangerous section of rubble. A worker came by yelling at us to be careful and saying there was no other way out.


I think that's the same worker.

I went in to get a closer look at the rocking chair.

But what really grabbed my eye was the lanterns.

Using old ads as roof tarps.

Well, we found another way out.

He needed to rest.

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