Seokjeon Daeje at Sungkyunkwan

The white guy in front is Marc Knapper, the deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy and possibly acting ambassador. I have never seen a foreigner participate in the ceremony before.

Not too exciting for kids.

Putting on the helmets.

I saw one male dancer this time.

After, they burned some of the papers used in the ritual.

A partial group photo.

Philip takes a group picture of us.

Then we swapped positions.

After, we had a free meal in Yurim Hall, where they served bottles of charyeju, the alcohol used in the ritual. It had a very sour takju flavour. I shared some with my coworkers, and one older guy who doesn't drink much later went out and bought some makgeolli, having gotten a craving for more, but nothing stacks up to Sungkyunkwan-brand charyeju.

Want to see the whole label?

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