Bamgol Village

This is before demolition pushed forward.

Lack of fire extinguishers.

Far up the hill, there are quite a lot of murals.

The workers seem to have purposely pained over many of the murals.

I guess they really don't like apples.

The artists' names I'm guessing.

There are other murals over there.

Sad zebra.

A very Pikachuish rabbit.

No fish.


A white whale.

It was hard photographing these acorn houses due to a narrow alley. That'll change.

This steel slope was made of sandbags.

A babushka?

This was the extent of demolition so far.

Click for a full panorama.

I took this picture focusing on the man, but look at the wall chipped away exposing sandbags higher up.



Click for a full panorama.

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