Abandoned Neighbourhoods

I first came up here to get this picture.

There was more demolition now. I think this is exactly where Jae and Hong Gu lived.

There's a second abandoned neighbourhood over there with demolition having advanced farther along.

In the other direction, they removed an entire neighbourhood already, placing those highrises up on a cliff.

Heading down to find Kat.

Patterns and bird tracks.

This leads to the second neighbourhood.

We got to one roof that wasn't too exciting.

The stairs up here were very slippery and dangerous.

When we are in love,
We love the grass, and the lightpoles...

We went over to the other area, where we watched excavators at work.

Then the sun came out and we had to reshoot here.

Abandoned picture.

Kat is new with the physical effects of cold.

While taking this I thought I heard someone downstairs. We had found one or two birds trapped inside unable to escape, so I had left the front door open. Maybe just the birds escaping.

This section was heavily demolished by still heavily trafficked by cats.

That's basically the view I wanted to see.

There's that same excavator from higher up.

This area is surrounded on all four sides by abandonment.

It's an attempt. It turns out these four-storey apartment buildings, when approached from the other side, seem more like typical houses.

Lots of demolition down there.

Double excavator!

Not sure what this roof installation was or what the Chinese means.

I was so happy when I knew that friend is very valuable mean.

Looks like an ocean.

Paw prints everwhere.

These houses are on a rooftop as viewed from the other side.

Kat discovered you can draw in snow.

So she did this.

Another attempt.

This area was very unpleasant to look at.

Taking a picture of Kat, I realised the interesting thing about it.

The warped shadows.

This one has a very round butt.

This one looks like a Muppet.

Kat loves dick.

Oh look, ice dicks.

She considers mailing them home to her friends in Vietnam.

Or something cruder.

On the way out, I wanted to shoot this from a lower vantage.

A worker came by as I was taking this and asked what I was doing. I said we were just here to take snow pictures.

And Kat wanted to make a snow angel.

This is too perfect a circle for nature.

Golden hour is approaching.

View this panorama in full size.

One more excavator.

Same one.

This path all the way down met up with a major residential road.

That road becomes stairs.

Anyway, back up here for an unspectacular sunset.

This mountain is unpassable because there is some sort of police facility up there.

A closer look at the demolished area.

Looking down at the parking lot.

And there's Jeff and Trash's old place. Just a couple years ago I was coming here for the major holidays.

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