I went outside while the snow was falling. The sky was a very bright orange.

That snowball was the best I could do.

Looking back inside, where my cats were cowering.

Looking from the garden window.

This church was the only distant object easily visible.

I figured I might as well go out for a walk, so I went to one of the old apartment complexes in the area and got to the roof.

I can see my home from here.

And that church.

The parking lot below was peaceful.

But there were other people awake at the time.

This is the difference white balance makes. This is basically how it looks.

This is using another white balance feature. Overall I prefer the other though figure I'm in the minority.

I see a face there.

Time to head back.

Down in the parking lot.

Someone was shoveling snow over there, but is invisible due to the long exposure.

In front of the complex, I took a quick picture of these two people I think were waiting for a taxi.

Huam Market.

The falling snow comes into focus in the headlights.

That place is open around the clock.

Catching a taxi. Someone was getting out and this woman happened to hop in.

Driving with jiral lights on.

A bit more traffic. Right after this, the light turned from blinking yellow to regular green, as it was 5am.

Back to my street.

There were lots of scooters trapped in the snow here.

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