Santa Claus Conquers the Host

On the way, we passed by the cat that lives at the train crossing, who must be at least three years old by now.

Colin and Jae tell each other festive Christmas stories.

Santa crashes the moment.

The others appear in the distance.

The closest we got to a proper group picture.

We reached the halfway point and people struggled to jump down. I think it's higher on the eastern side than the western side.

Time for some didgeridoo in the pipe.

And there's his giant shadow on the far wall.

We started setting up and people played glow-in-the-dark badminton.

A couple volleys.

A couple points for each side.

Then I just left my shutter open and walked away.

I came back and did the same again.

This time Santa went to lightpaint the tunnel.

Kat put on her light-up dress she got from Alex in the mail.

To see this one in full size, click here.

To see this one in full size, click here.

Time for something else.

We started setting up explosives.

Walter White showed his chemistry knowledge with some fireworks he presumably made at his meth lab.

Lots of sparklers.

I have no idea what any of them were trying to do.

Coming back for a reload.

Santa pulls out the steel wool.

We had way too many fireworks, if that's possible.

And more steel wool.

I picked up these volcano fireworks, which had a few different effects.

Curious how those red-white shapes are made.

Then orbs, once believed to be ghosts but now known to be aliens.

Steel wool will scrub all that paranormal shit away.

We also killed a few Hosts down there.

Getting a little too close there.

Starting his next batch of meth.

This is just terrifying.

After, we went to the usual place, the food tent village, which has since last year been moved into a basement. It looked way nicer than I expected it would.

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