SHARP Second Saturdays

The first band was 57, which was my first time seeing them.

Next was Wasted Johnny's, who lived up to their name from the start.

Time for ...Whatever That Means.

Laura looks like she's up to no good.

Goyang is trying to serve her shirt a drink.

Angie joins ...Whatever That Means.

DIEALRIGHT serves a birthday cake.

Or two cakes.

Trash's face makes this one.

And all three of them make this one.

Seconds later, there's been a mess.

Sometimes it's hard to choose between pictures.

Anyway, back to the show.

This guy had an awesome Batman hat depicting a Batman-vs-Joker fight in Lego figures.

Angie hid at the back where she wanted to drink alone in peace.

Jeff knows when a girl's had too much.

It is her party after all.

A more sober portrait.

Anyway, Skasucks.

Plus Jeff.

Insoo also thought to wear the Goyang shirt.

Laura looks like she took off her shirt.

What better way to end this show with some manlove?

Plus a roof.

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