Yeouido Protest

The police are packing up a police line.

I love these things.

The police block off a counter-protest.

Took me a moment to notice all these people were older than the average protesters and were not in high spirits.

Meanwhile, over in front of the National Assembly...

It's no longer a protest, more of a celebration.

This banner is "A Guillotine."

Hey, I saw that clown woman last week! I wonder if she remembers me.

Mayor Park Won-soon was speaking to the media there.

Because of the impeachment, the presidential election will be held too early for Mayor Park to run. I think at this point he was a distant fourth, and despite being an inspiringly sensible mayor, he doesn't fully strike me as presidential.

As he made his way toward me, he started shaking hands. I put my camera away and shook his hand, telling him "I voted for you!" Someone laughed, maybe not aware that permanent residents can vote for mayor.

Yep, he wears a Sewol pin.

He just has this strong "good boss" vibe to him.

Sunset over the National Assembly.

Looks like they came from North Jeolla.

And they brought a motherfucking tractor!

These became an issue for the protests, as they faced all sorts of trouble driving across the country to get here and were banned by the police from protests -- overturned in court -- and told the protest organisers wanted them not to include their machinery in the protest.

I love how TV media just use their vans as portable stages.

A buttload of pickets.

Another protest truck.

He fires it up.

And gets an enthusiastic hug.

They climbed all over the tractor for a group photo.

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