Sky Apart

Excellent concrete sculpture.

This place was gorgeous. I went up the stairs to check for anyone else in the area.

There was a deep hole in the floor of this place. I wondered if it was some kind of very old-fashioned ondol system.

From one small building I got a good view of this one.

A nice mountain view.

A very lonely chair.

From a roof.

One reason I didn't want to get any higher up on the roof.

"Hands off" but hands off what?

This apartment was charming.

A nice old painting of a traditional Korean scene in a non-traditional style.

The ceiling light.

A staircase, a door, and a curtain.

This furniture was moved over by the door as if it were waiting for me.

This apartment had a small side door that led below the stairs. I wonder if this was where a building super lived?

A wooden duck.

This place had a mold problem.

Charcoal briquettes.

This bedroom was still heavily furnished.

Every washroom had minimal clearance for the toilet.

Furniture too big to take out the front door.


A stretcher and empty beer cans.

This room had tons of stuff.

Including pictures.

The other side of this photo seemed to indicate this was in Israel in 1999.

That's the best I can tell anyway.

The bedroom had so much stuff it was still cozy. None of my pictures were clear though. But I had to share because I recently had a dream in which I came to a place like this with friends intending to spend the night.

On the door to this room.

Lots of books left behind.

Curious what this is about. That looks too small to be Gyeonghoeru, I think.

Odd building intrusion in this room.

A peek in the washroom.

A very colourful apartment.

A bit of a collapse.

This apartment was empty except for this picture left on the floor just beyond the threshold.

On the roof I got a semi-decent look at the old neighbourhood out back. That little hill in the middle of the picture is held together by ancient scraps of concrete.

That seems to be under construction.

And looking at the mountains again.

Levels of roads.

Kids' graffiti in a stairwell. I wish I knew how old this was.

I heard someone coming around the corner, and he was close enough I could see his shadow. I ducked under the curtain and escaped onto this blue ridge.

Looking back at the apartment.

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