The camera crew is down in the alley.

Soulkee just likes hanging off the sides of buildings.

Camera crew in action.

Kat steps over a broken toilet.

This wall really reminds me of that one wall where Charlie Brown and Linus always hang out.

A big long Christian rant on a wall inside.

Kat sits in a chair, normally.

A shaman's house.

But everyone else was distracted by a beauty salon.

They thought we'd have to hurry all the way around to get out, but there's a convenient doghole leading right to the news van.

All that remains of the shaman's home.

Next, we visited my former workplace.

Kat had to sit on that beam for about ten minutes while the producers got their act together.

They're coming up now.

We stayed on the helipad out of sight.

Then Kat came up and they asked her to stand in all sorts of dangerous places. She went a little farther than she needed to.

And Soulkee does this sort of thing in his sleep.

More interviewing.

Soulkee does a faceplant.

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