Another Protest

The police surrounded the intersection in front of Sejong Plaza to control traffic.

Riot shields leaning against a bus. I suspect they used civilian buses to bring in more police.

From the museum roof, I had a good view of a potential new anarchaeological site. Also in view, the seats of power of two dead regimes.

The crowd thickened below.

While I was up there, Shin Hae-chul's rock band N.EX.T began playing. I'm unaware who replaced him following his death.

The flags below are all from universities.

It's a good roof, but not great.

And very popular.

Seen from another less popular corner.

Down in the street, which at this time wasn't as full as it looks here.

I found myself behind Sewol protesters.

Protesters were getting ready to march.

There go the universities. I can see the green ginkgo logo of SKKU.

Family photo.

Trying to get closer to the stage, I walked right in front of a giant speaker. At that volume, you really feel it in your lungs more than anything.

Cosplayers, possibly not part of the protest?

The Sewol protesters prepare to march.

I have no idea what happened here. They made Korean politicians into Madballs? The bottom one is Kim Moo-sung.

I thought about stopping by Daelim Gallery for the Nick Knight exhibit, but there was a wait.

One guy dragged a line carrying various implements. I think the pictures are supposed to be a cross between Park Geun-hye and Kim Jong-un.

This guy waved to me whenever he saw me pointing my camera at him, but I caught him with his guard down once.

We got close enough that we could see Cheong Wa Dae straight ahead.

I turned around as more people pressed in behind me. We were stuck in a very narrow lane between bus walls.

I wish this worked out better. I peeked between each bus, and in most cases there was a guy there, always with glasses for some reason. After I took this but before I realised the focus was off, the guy dodged out of view.

So the police are still insisting -- even now that the country is in ruins because an authoritarian allowed a religious figure to abuse state power for profit so her daughter could skip school to make horses dance -- that the "four great societal evils" are sexual violence, domestic violence, school violence, and food spoilage.

I suspect this clown is a regular at protests. She seemed mildly bothered that I took her picture.

You can't tell in this picture, but the horse head is a mask sticking through a cutout of a high school dropout riding a million-dollar Samsung gift.

The bus situation is very tightly controlled. There are a few access points into that neighbourhood.

And in that direction, they make a bus alley.

A closer look at their fortifications. This is what I meant by "medieval village under siege."

These looked like Hahoetal from a distance, but I think they might be some kind of made-up death mask. Related to the Sewol.

And now coming in from behind are the main protest marchers.

There goes the Sewol truck.

One or two bodyparts caught up and was reunited with the others.

I fought against the growing crowds to get out.

Two of the cutouts I saw earlier.

I tried taking pictures of families marching in as I left.

Back in Gwanghwamun, I spotted a cultbuster group making their presence known. We haven't forgotten you, SCJ...

It really isn't a good idea to put easily mockable pictures of cops on the side of a bus at a protest.

And now there are Park Geun-hye Busters. Buster was born here so he technically could join, I think.

A family getting their candles ready.

This titan has been sliced up.

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