Abandoned Neighbourhood

From above, this neighbourhood looks to be in especially bad shape.

An abandoned church, not an especially common sight considering they usually stay active up until the week before demolition.

I would probably not call any of these Hanoks.

A collapsing wall was held up by a bit of improvisational concrete.

There are lots of little old houses around here.

I might have taken this sideways.

Hired goons appear to have spraypainted along the sides of all abandoned buildings in the area. Not as threatening as what they used to get, though this is the most I've seen from them in years.

There was some pretty crude graffiti around here, clearly by kids who had never seen a female naked.

But knew what the male anatomy looked like.

Inside the abandoned church.

The ceiling here was ripped down.

This phone has been vajazzled.

They had lots of large-sized Biblical posters on the roof.

The water tank.

It was probably fun to spraypaint these trails over buildings.

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