Walking down Jongno among the marchers.

The mass of people was right behind us.

At least one of them was sort of clear, just absolutely not the one I was aiming for.

We got somewhere high to watch the people stream by.

One of those was a Che Guevarra flag.

We jumped down and cut through the marching parade to cross the street.

These guys were blowing up a hot-air balloon. It runs as part of a city festival, even during record-breaking protests.

Paul also photographed this at some other time of the day.

We reached Sejongno, though I'm not sure it's called that in front of the Finance Center and Press Center.

Looking up along Sejongno toward the two statues and Gwanghwamun.

Same image, zoomed in so you can see where everything is. It looks like there's a big screen in front of the Sewol protest, and a stage set up in front of Sejong. No police barricades in sight.

Looking south toward Sungnyemun.

Getting some food.

This was the best of my pictures from on top of the President Hotel. There were guys up there with cameras and walkie talkies who were not journalists. As soon as they started to look at us, I pocketed a card and we left quickly.

Back down on street level.


People were sitting in the street, making it very tough to move around.

I got out my tripod for a bit.

We tried going that way but it was a lot of hard work.

We tried taking a shortcut along the new Pimatgol, but ran into a horse anyway.

Following along Junghakcheon.

We got within sight of King Sejong. Every horizontal surface, and many more dangerous places, was covered with people.

Around now we heard Cho PD, one of the rappers who spoke up loudest about the whole thing.

And someone's socks spied on me.

We took an underpass to meet Amy on the other side.

A bunch of high-spirited students from Daegu marched past.

The best avenue of retreat was back the way we came.

I didn't get to see what this performance was. Something with lots of percussion.

A quick stop by the comfort woman.

And a shortcut through Jogyesa which is decorating for Christmas.

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