On the Road

These tigers reminded me of home.

On an abandoned rail bridge.

Looking toward a big dam.

Another rail bridge, and an abandoned tunnel in the distance.

None of us felt like we had nothing left to lose enough to go over there.

A turret on our side.

We wandered through a Buddhist garden.

Okay, this one has got to be a Hutt.

This hotel is closed but there's always a guy around.

Inside the changing room.

The kitchen smelled very bad.

The women's baths.

The front desk.

These were taped to the little space behind the counter. Not sure what they are.

The bottom floor had these rooms which are for baking humans I think.

Not sure why there are footprints here, or if they are pre-abandonment.

We saw these boats and then immediately went for food.

It's buger time.

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