Asbestos Valley

This guy was selling heads on the subway.

First view of the abandoned factory.

Following the path to the front door.

I went around the corner and the building had asbestos warnings everywhere. It is in materials such as roof tiles.

A larger building nearby.

This one was the most photogenic of these three, with this fireplace.

And here's a tractor.

That is an interestingly unnecessary architectural flourish along the roof.

I think that is the building we visited first.

This is the top level of the largest building. We could get into the main floor and the top level, but the middle level with no windows was just a big storage area.

These wooden frames are probably related to spinning silk.

Inside another building.

Lots of this area was knocked down.

This hallway was well lit.

A very old-looking soju bottle.

Increase Efficiency.

As far as Korean abandonments go, this is pretty old.

Coetzer has the best smile.

I can sort of guess what these were used for.

The fields were the nicest part of this area.

Though there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Being stalked.

This was the most interesting machine here.

He found a thing.

Trying to keep up with our guide.

I tried getting lost in the reeds but it got to be too much.

Over by an abandoned train station.

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