Giving a speech.

This was some kind of performance. The tent is one of many being used as part of an artist sit-in.

A larger rally.

Looking back toward Yi Sun-shin.

And forward toward King Sejong.

The police were fortified up to the statue.

Reporters got to sit along there. I didn't press my luck.

I talked with this guy who claimed to be some kind of Joseon-era cop.

Mother and daughter by the bus wall.

This guy approached us with a story about surviving an assassination attempt by John Kerry over his speaking out on the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Packed in around King Sejong.


Police redeployed to allow traffic to start flowing again, I think at 10.

I set up on the Sejong Center steps to get a higher vantage.

And set up my tripod.

That was fun. Now here's a group picture with some random people walking by.

More random people.

Heading home.

But first, handstands.

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