Abandoned Neighbourhood

Just around the corner from Bomi's tattoo shop, we entered this alley.

This was the view ahead. We decided to walk through quickly when an old man arrived by scooter carrying a saw/machete and started going into places.

A familiar alley.

Inside Jeff and Trash's old place, the floor had been pulled up.

I was especially interested to get pictures of the stairs.

Melodic punk hymns I'm sure.

Kat goes record shopping.

Yes, Broke is still here.

Heading up to the roof.

Time to leave.


I jumped up somewhere dangerous for this perspective.

Amy tried too and had worse luck.

Bringing up the rear.

A view from higher up.

This whole area up to the apartment complex seems slated for demolition.

I was very curious about this brick structure.

They just wanted to jump on it.

We noticed these symbols used everywhere to refer to various things.

An old hanok infested with mosquitos.

This guy walked right by without noticing us.

A difficult path.

Hung up.

Hadn't noticed this abandoned guitar last time.

I took this mainly because I was wondering what was being shown off in the middle picture.

We found Jae and Hong Gu's old place.

After I told Jae, she went back for her boots, one of which can be seen on the left side.

For a second I wondered if this was the TV Aaron and Doqsuun threw out.

She used to sleep right here.

The people here smoked a lot.

These seem frozen like tarflowers.

Climbing higher up to the roof.

Someone else I know lived here, though I wasn't informed exactly who.

Well she can do that now.

A bit more training was needed.

Live long and prosper, Crimea.

The lights started coming on.

Sunset, sort of, seen from the highrises.

I fell behind trying to take this picture.

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