Somewhere, I have pictures of this tunnel from 2004, from my first time going to a concert in Anyang.

This cow is hungry for beef.

Getting in this building was like solving a riddle.

This was the front entrance, which was locked.

More detail on the front entrance.

The view from inside.

In the restaurant, the floor was torn up.

Elaborate stairs.

A playroom for kids.

Beef ribs as a gift.

Torn up.

I like the decorations.

Decent view.

Ssireum decoration.

Fake bamboo.

How it looked open.

Third floor.

Chicken decoration.

The ceiling was also decorated.

Upstairs, I found a noraebang area.

A somewhat sleazy one.

Lockers for whatever reason.

The view from the roof.

The way down.

The front counter. The website no longer directs to the restaurant.

3,200 people die on stairs each year?

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