Fireworks 2016

No, we won't be sitting here for the fireworks.

Here looks okay. I was pretty sure that platform in the water was for fireworks.

Some tunnel entrances to contemplate.

We originally wanted to get on that roof, thinking it would be the best.

Turns out, the best view of the fireworks was from right here.

There's Bamseom.

That seems to be an abandoned police station.

Goldpenis, the rooftoppers' choice.

There was no corkscrew so I used a hex key instead.

Sunset colours.

There were two more people sitting on that mat but they hid inside because of the wind.

Eerie red glow.

I wish I was down there for this.

No more glow, but at least the parking lot is busy.

That building is like the Legion of Doom Korea.

Roof cat.

The fireworks start.

I think these were faces.

Break time.

In the last portion, the fireworks platforms closer to use were used.

Extra movement.

Then my battery died.

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