This devil KTX is pretending to be a kid.

But don't worry, it gets what's coming to it by stepping in front of a speeding full-grown KTX.

We found DK's in Daejeon which was connected to Magpie.

The menu was similar but the food quality wasn't. At first we thought these were sliced hot dogs but they weren't. Still, corn.

Tsubomi, coincidentally a Green Flame Boys song.

The view from our love motel.

This is it, if you care to figure out the name.

My bed was pretty standard.

My bathtub was big enough that it could've fit all four of us.

The toothpaste has a banned chemical in it.

Everyone's room was different, and this one had a circular bed but no bathtub.

Goodbye keys.

Fingo the cow you pick up in your fingers and devour.

On another train.

Next stop, an abandoned Expo that the city still seems to pride itself on.

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