Communist Party Headquarters

Leaving from Seoul Station.

We crashed the first class cars for a while but waited between cars at stations.

We hitched a ride in a hot air balloon piloted by KTXes.

And we transferred to an airplane.

Our path took us through a graveyard.

Trying to figure out if we should go up or down.

There are the buildings but we can't exactly go that way.

We tried anyway, going through thick brush until it became obvious it would just get worse.

Back to the graveyard.

We found a truck graveyard.

Finally, success.

There's the view I'd been waiting to see for myself.

A panorama that basically didn't work.

Lots of circles in this building.

It was dumb to leave all my bags out in the open down there.

The top floor was nicest.

The mandatory lonely chair.

At one point I felt like the whole structure was spinning like a swiftly revolving restaurant and I had to go down.

Sitting down it doesn't rotate.

Now I'm down and they're up.

I found a shooting script for what looked like a music video.

Maybe that's how the lonely chair got there.

There were also books on banana-eating.

This desk was arranged interestingly.

Three candles.

A tree grew in the middle of the second atrium.

The vegetation was thick everywhere around here.

The second skylight.

The top level was a lot more completed than any of the other levels in both buildings.

Then I found an abandoned library.

Of course they had the Talmud.

Here's a PC World-related magazine from 1997. Wow, multimedia Christmas cards sent by e-mail.

This building, not the other, had a ladder leading up to the roof.

Looking down into the valley, we can see one of the area's marshmallow farms.

The others were somewhere back that way.

And there's your communism.

Even more books, in a separate room.

Gulliver's Travels.


Squatters were installed on this floor but far from complete.

Imagine living in an apartment somewhere so remote.

Another look at the tree.

Back to building 1.

Seen from higher up.

Building 3.

Same building, from higher up.

Building 1 from high up.

One final group photo.

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