PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics 500-Day Countdown

Before the event actually got going, we received giant novelty cheques from POCOG president Lee Hee-beom.

After our ceremony, the front row seats were wiped down every few minutes.

The POCOG president gives a speech.

This can't be a fun job.

Kim Yuna arrived without fanfare, but was nevertheless unmistakeable.

She fairly sheepishly put on a rain coat.

Then was left to sit in the front row on her own.

The start of the show.

Down in front!

Really curious who this is.

Na Kyung-won's arrival got a lot of attention. Her security raced by and shoved me out of the way. They didn't even know that earlier I was sitting in her seat.

More performance stuff.

All the VIPs get on stage.

Then they get the bejesus scared out of them.

Then it's time to leave.

You can see Na Kyung-won getting ready to make a hasty retreat.

And there goes Kim Yuna.

Seats are filled by anyone else.

Security measures started increasing, kind of.

63 Building was partly hidden.

I ran into a former coworker who is now working for POCOG. I think she said she was in charge of this whole event.

Crouched down for whatever reason, she looks a little too much like a bird.

Then I got some mediocre pictures of Gfriend lipsyncing.

I got home with the Olympic mascots.

Millie couldn't be less thrilled that they've taken her favourite chair.

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