We entered through the same way as last time, only to find everything smashed.

Literally everything.

I tracked the music down. It's a little bland but at least inoffensive.

Looking back the way we came.

Across the way, there's another area that was demolished a few years earlier and still sits unused. This time since this area was empty, we decided to also look in on that area.

It's a huge expansive area surrounded by a tall fence. But like I always say, Koreans aren't fence-builders.

This gate used to be the entrance to a medium-sized apartment complex we used to visit and climb to the top of, at least three times I think.

This is what we're generally walking on. Flattened down enough to be hazard-free.

They found a basement that hadn't been demolished yet.

Old metal steps.

I remember this crane machine from years earlier!

This building was still used by workers. Not today though.

I sat here for a while conserving energy.

He's about to be spotlighted in a magazine.

From the overgrown hill, looking back at where we came from.

Walking through the crater lake at the top.

I'd just been telling them about the barrel monster for some reason, and later we saw these barrels that look similar.

I didn't want to go down anywhere that I'd have to climb back up.

That's the train station in the distance, or at least part of the complex.

So it's not solid, but a flimsy wall.

Apparently a mugunghwa.


That's the way we came.


We found a garage entrance.

Lined with paper.

A hole in the wall.

Now you dive!


They told me there's all sorts of stuff inside.

Like an axe.

And a megaphone. "I wonder if it works." BWAAAPP!!

We'll do the one that means running away now.

Everyone in the area heard, but fortunately that just meant us.

One last look.

Inside a party hole.

Someone doesn't like Hanhwa. Can't say I blame them.

I'm trying to decide if the spelling is a crude pun on Hollywood and a bodypart.

Hey, it's the Hyatt Motel.

Or Hyate?

No, Hyatt.

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