Abandoned Neighbourhoods

They're starting to put up metal bars to hang the blankets from.

This direction is currently not abandoned yet.

This bike apparently is.

These rusty guys look happy despite having to move.

Snowed in.

Or, teddy bear guts.

This building had a pretty serious-looking security system.

Been meaning to figure out what this tile found on a roof means.

This was drawn on a piece of wall or something lying on the floor in a small house.

Clock selfie.

Probably accurate.

How do I show the scale of this room?

That'll do it.

I found a stuffed soccer player.

And a stuffed one-eyed monk.

Under the floor, where someone chipped away at the concrete looking for piping, an old, old pinkish pill was uncovered. Since it has a bit of dried concrete on it, I think it fell down there during construction and I guess didn't melt.

I don't think this sign is still accurate.

We found a full stereo with record player and even a record still on it.

This room had a little recess in the back behind the curtain, maybe about the size of a sleeping space for one person.

And another.

A lot more bars over here.

From a roof, overlooking some "wire porn."

That roof looks like it was abandoned during renovation.

This ladder used to have no broken rungs.

This ladder used to have only one broken rung.

This mirror is very slimming.

I looked down and saw the cutest thing I've ever seen in an abandoned area.

A sixth would appear soon.

I told them to come upstairs without looking, so they could see from up here too.

A Linda McCartney photo of her family.

When they saw me up close, rather than run away, they all ran toward me a little.

Found photos.

This picture reminds me of that Colossus painting.

We stopped for drinks here and talked about the archtecture of this old thing.

Another small door.

That's a pretty ugly canopy.

There was a fair number of Hanoks here; I'm estimating around 40.

They had barbwire on this one for some reason.

Empty house.

This one was turned into a restaurant or bar.

They did something weird with the colour scheme.

He really wanted a picture of the Mexican barbwire.

This whole Hanok had been renovated and covered over, particularly the madang, but the wood in the kitchen was still authentic.

And there's the future in the distance.

The other guys were trying to get the perfect picture of this weed for a long time. I didn't have the patience.

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