Over by Okbaraji Golmok.

Demolition is holding nothing back now.

I'm pretty sure this was the last building used by protesters.

Please tell me I found the fabled ttongsul? Probably not.

This area was covered with CCTV notices.

This area probably had CCTV everywhere.

This is Gajaeul New Town, which I used to urban explore around 2009-2010, back when I lived nearby.

Morene Market still comes right up to the edge of the highrise property, creating quite a contrast.

I took this picture as a classic example of a "gae-gumeong," or "dog hole."

I was interested in the material shape of these stairs.

Can't quite read that.

This cat seemed cautious but not too cautious.

This cat just didn't care.

This one turned out to be pretty friendly.

And wanted to be in my pictures.

There was water and food here for the cat.

He came over to snuggle. Seemed to be in good health except for excessive eye boogers.

The other cat.

And another look at the stairs.

What did the people who made these think of the job they did?

There's a door back there.

Ah blankets.

Pinned to the mailbox.

They've ripped a hole in the side of one of the oil tanks.

They totally removed another.

Except for part of the outer concrete part.

Don't enter? But I'm already on the bad side.

This is what I should be seeing.

There was a lot of activity with younger people by these cargo crates.

Meanwhile, over by Magongnaru, I've discovered that construction has sped up. They've even built some pretty decent-looking bike lanes, which are separate from both the sidewalk and the road.

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