68-22 Pennsylvania

A view from one abandoned neighbourhood looking toward another.

Life is a joke.

Door barrier.

Rubble piles behind blankets.

Our House, by Sihwan.

I guess he liked astronomy, and I can't not see a figure drawn in red that has breasts.

Rolled out the blue carpet.

Just a sliver of rubble visible.

Up on a roof.

Family portraits and sticker collection.

This blue carpet leads to ruin.

This one is done with multiple exposures.

Sketchy staircase, take me down.

More blankets to protect your eyes.

Whoa-oh-oh-oh, I found a home.

I opened it to see if there were ashes inside.

Really curious what this hose is for.

Outside, beautification graffiti.

And here's Jeff and Trash's old place.

There were still stickers here and there.

I think I was at this one.

A cat toy.

Hey, that's the back cover of a Broke in Korea!

Abandoned cups.

A tattoo sketch?

Looks like Jeff or Trash gave up cleaning fast. Either Trash felt it was hopeless, or Jeff was doing it and Trash told him it was bad luck.

Abandoned band beer cozy.

Time to go up to the roof.

This open door looks active.


The stairs down.

On my way out, I got the attention of a woman with a clipboard doing a survey of who was remaining. It was hard for me to explain that no, nobody lived there. She asked why I was there, and I claimed I was returning to my friend's place to find a book that had been left behind. I covered up UE by saying I was there to steal stuff. Odd, but given the context, it worked, and I had seen sort of a book that I have a legitimate claim to.


There used to be a door here behind all these bushes.

This yellow pole looks interesting.

A walking course of the area. This must be done.

Just watch out for these things everywhere.

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