Moving Offices

Our old office is all boxed up, except my computer immediately after second deadline.

This is probably how a lot of people imagine the office looks all the time.

Packing up my computer.

So long, old office.

So long, old parking spot.

I was surprised to see the paper's name now on the side of the building. Very visible next to a major landmark.

This rectangular cubicle is where the copy editors will sit.

The TV is once again near us.

Major changes in structural layout.

The front entrance prior to carpeting.

The first newspaper.

From the washroom window, I took this blurry shot looking toward Seosomun Park and our old building.

Decent washroom. Three stalls, three urinals. The women's only has two stalls.

Phone booth?

Another pass by the main strip.


Here's how you can find our new building.

I wish this were a beer.

A protest next to Myeongdong.

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