Gardening on Daelim Sangga


The slave labourers were not dressed for it.

Ken is back, this time with a Fifth Element-inspired hairdo.

Not sure why she got her hands dirty, as there were gloves everywhere.

A view from Daelim Sangga.

Here's the garden.

That one building seems to be missing a wall.

This is at Slow Slow Quick Quick, in a room that serves as a hotel for plants for when people go on holiday.

This is some kind of Korean Dalek. Years ago I saw a part of Daelim Sangga filled with these monstrosities, though I can't be sure I saw this one there.

Returning to Daelim Sangga.

Getting darker.

As we left, I was surprised to see workers digging up a hole where just hours earlier there was only sidewalk.

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