Non-Abandoned Neighbourhood

This one home seemed abandoned.

I passed this very cramped-looking laundry room.

Some protest signs, but urban renewal is still a long way off here.

Up at the top of the hill, more park.

I really liked the shape of this building.

Lots of stairs all over the place. Some places you had to drive up over the peak and come down into the area, with no way for an actual vehicle to head downhill.

This sort of improvement is not made in neighbourhoods with an impending expiration date.

She seemed to be facing off against that car.


I think the signs are actually saying the urban redevelopment plan is over.

This is what androids look like to today's young generation, I guess.

The four great evils of society: sexual violence, school violence, domestic violence, and food spoilage. Well said, dogpigcop.

Heading up over Arirang Pass, or therearound.

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