Abandoned Shiyoung Apartments

First a quick look at a nice stream running through the city.

This commercial building had lights on inside, but is basically closed.

The streets are empty.

The windows are marked with a red X to denote nobody's there.

Abandoned van.

To the side, there is some overgrown parkland.

I do sometimes wonder if it's the same person writing "sex" everywhere.

A place to dump unwanted furniture. The sign in back indicates the moving out period was January 10 to May 10.

A little bit of public art.

Then I saw this scrawny thing sticking out from behind a tree.


I took a quick trip to the nearest vet to buy some cat food.

Security guard not on duty.

What are these, some kind of TARDIS?

It was impossible to get inside any building except the ones with one tenant remaining. This one, just had an open window.

I didn't feel like actually jumping in.

Where'd the cats go?

There's one.

He was more cautious than hungry.

There he is. He was starving.

The food gave him an uncontrollable drooling problem.

This other smaller kitten came for a look but wasn't hungry.

The drool has touched down.

I left again and came back with water. Drinking that really helped the drool situation.

Another cat came over for a look. This one also had no interest in food or water.

I tried luring some of the other cats with more cat food, but only one was interested.

He had to swallow by turning his head upside down.

He has major skin problems, and the drooling could indicate an autoimmune problem, maybe just a cold. He is clearly incapable of keeping himself clean. I think he's an abandoned domesticated cat.

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