Around Seoul

My trip started up in Gaemi Maeul, or the Village of the Ants.

The wall murals here have not been fixed up in years.

From up at the top.

This place seems to be under renovation.

Over in Namgajwa-dong, I confirm that a former abandoned area is completely removed.

Roads going right through the middle are still open.

I found something kind of weird under this ramp.

It looks like there's a tunnel down there.

The oil tanks appear to be getting dug out in preparation for a new park.

I hiked up the hill to get a better look.

They've already removed one oil tank.

This one is still there.

Not sure if the sign is up to date or if they've already selected a design.

There's Haneul Park in the distance.

Probably best not to go this way.

Okay, just a little.

I dunno, I can't see any oil tanks down there among all the brown foliage.

Meh, I'm going back up.

This might show the new park design.

Yeouido tiger.

Korea's biggest megachurch.

A stop at Seonyudo.

Over by Hongdae.

The park over the Gyeongui Line is finally looking pretty good here.

Next stop, Ewha Womans University Fashion Street.

Then back down to the river area.

Looks like reconstruction is happening at Danginri.

That red crane looks like it's climb-free.

I always check before turning left, because buses won't stop even when the bus lane has a red light.

By Noksapyeong Station.


Then over to Insadong.

Now the food tent area by Jongno 3ga Station.

And last, Jonggak.

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