Pato Banton and JoshRoy at Sejong Center

JoshRoy did his act first.

With help from Pato.

King Sejong has a pretty good seat for the show.

Lots of kids there.


Time for Pato to begin his set, with Antoinette on keyboard and Smiley on percussion.

The Urantia people unfurled a banner.

I wanted to set up my GoPro up here, but I didn't want to get closer to the ledge.

Then a missionary came along making noise and annoying people. Pato had some words for him between songs.

He saw this girl singing along and the guy she was with filming, so he rushed over to be a more active part of their video.

Michelle gets into position.

A group photo partway through.

Click for full panorama.

Click for full panorama.

That kid doesn't look happy.


Time for more music.

This old woman wandered by and sat down for part of a song. Pato sang to her a bit, and she got up and wandered away, happy.

More people dance.

This girl really wanted to dance but her mom held her back.

Another guest vocalist.

And dancers.

Ouch, that kid looks like he's in pain.

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