Pato Banton in Seoul

The first act I was able to photograph was Rude Paper.

JoshRoy showed up and met Pato Banton.

Slightly more posed? I guess.

JoshRoy was up next.

A group shot with the Rude Paper guys.

NST and the Soul Sauce warmed up the crowd first.

Smiley sure can sing.

Smiley takes the percussion.

Aided by Pato.

Antoinette was in an awkward place on stage. This was the easiest way to see her.

Then they invited anyone in the audience on stage to sing with them. The first two up were M.Tyson and Kim Banjang of Windy City.

I didn't get many good ones of M. Tyson, except this one where his finger's shadow looks like a moustache.

Then Rude Paper came up.

Pato executes Kim Banjang.

Also, JoshRoy.

And then Pato's friends from Urantia, attending their first reggae concert ever, were invited on stage and did a surprisingly good job of singing.

I don't know who they are, but they might've been part of the first act I missed.

And then Tehiun came up.

Antoinette got out from behind the keyboard for part of one song.

A group photo at the end.

Then time to meet fans.

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