A couple pictures taken outside.

The first band I got remotely okay pictures of was Green Flame Boys. The previous act, Cola Attack, was made up of two members of the same band, so pictures looked similar anyway.

Hey, I seem to have wandered into a music video.

He really likes that robotic dinosaur toy.

Time for Full Garage.

Now here's The Brigade.

He wanted to start a circle pit.

Or just invade the stage.

I'm not satisfied with how the Talkbats pictures came out.

Well, this one is exposed okay.

We went to a new restaurant in Yeonnam-dong owned by a couple guys from the punk/skinhead community.

Glad that Jiwoong is back in business, though I miss his fried chicken.

Trash ruins a Full Garage group shot.

Next thing to ruin: her marriage.

Trying to talk some sense into her.

Nope, didn't work.

Apparently this was a romance comic book, not pornographic.

Well, there's one Korean punk out there who doesn't dislike my photography.

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